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Plex is an award winning hip-hop artist and producer based in Toronto, Canada. With almost 20 years of experience, Plex has raised the bar amongst his Indigenous peers while building a strong and relevant presence in mainstream Canadian Hip Hop. Since releasing his debut solo album in 2009, Plex has toured across the US and Canada performing, teaching workshops to Indigenous youth and running his independent recording label, New Leaf Entertainment.

Since September 2010, his music video for The Way It Should Be, from his first album “Brainstorm,” has received critical acclaim from across the globe and has been screened at over 30 film festivals worldwide, receiving 7 awards.

His sophomore release Demons” made it’s debut in June of 2012 and appealed to those who love Hip Hop and deep, thought provoking lyrics over intricate production design.

In 2018, Plex released 3 singles, “Lost in the Cycle, Lucky Stars & Stand.” This latest effort offers everything from political & socially-conscious issues, to love, life and self-discovery. “Stand,” is a song about questioning EVERYTHING, and “Lucky Stars,” a smooth, hip hop ballad about Plex’s life-partner, Jennifer Podemski. “Lost in the Cycle,” focuses on the issue of suicide within the Indigenous community, and features Rex Smallboy, from War Party.

He is a master at his craft and a visionary who is committed to his community and his artistic expression.


Plex – Lost in The Cycle (featuring Rex Smallboy)


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